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speaking of owls…

i mentioned in my comment on the last post my recent obsession with owls. sarah – thanks for introducing me to pinterest. now my obsession is for all to see and i think i’m rubbing off on people. anyway, i came across this adorable dress that i thought would be cute for her party. it looks so easy to make. do you ladies think i should just try and make it myself? what is the etiquette there? as long as i don’t sell it i can copy other peoples cute ideas? given all the other projects i’d “like” to do, i should probably just buy it. haha.



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4 thoughts on “speaking of owls…

  1. i should also note that a reason i might want to make it is to make thinner ties and make it drop lower. it looks kind of high like it might be choking…not really, but cover her neck.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    copy away! cute dress! 🙂

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    and p.s. i don’t think that etsy seller created the pillowcase dress…so i am sure she copied her idea from someone too. 🙂 just try to do something that makes it yours! (or…jordans!)

  4. man! you can tell someone got a new job and is enjoying an increase in home time! haha i can’t keep up with you guys! the dress is super cute, and anything that i see posted online is fair game to recreate yourself. you just can’t use someone’s pattern they posted for free and then sell what you make without crediting their pattern. if you’re just looking at a picture and trying to recreate it, by all means! i am a huge owl fan. (as in, huge fan of owls, not fan of huge owls) they are all over our house. oh, and i’m moving my sewing room so hopefully i’ll be able to do the big reveal soon, and get back to sewing!

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