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felt inspired

congrats…you both inspired me!  (pat yourselves on the back or something please.)  since we painted the hallway we have been trying to figure out what to do with wall space upstairs.  bookshelf for girls’ books?  gallery wall?  picture ledges?  well…i finally convinced b it was time to do something and ledges and family pictures won out.

this is what you see coming up the stairs.  door to the right is the bathroom and to the left is e’s room.

if you make a u-turn at the top of the stairs to the right you go down the hallway to b’s office.  this is along that wall.

only downside is that all of these pictures were on the shelves in the sunroom (i.e., my office space).  so now i need to fill those shelves with something…

(ledges are the ribba ledges from ikea and frames are a combination of styles from kohl’s, michael’s, and ikea.)

since we were on such a high from getting these up we also decided to put up one of our pictures in the family room.  it is a picture of the manhattan beach pier that i had broken up into 3 and mounted on canvas.

the only wall space in the family room that really would work for this was the backside of the fireplace and brick…so we got a little creative on how we hung them.


happy saturday!  and now go hang more pictures!


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2 thoughts on “felt inspired

  1. looks great! i love the ledges, i wish we could use them more here but our walls are so old they are not even close to level so we hung 2 shelves in the office and swore we would never try that again! haha i had to repaint the whole wall from all the scraping and cussing that occurred. oh well…

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