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picture project update

here is an update on the picture project. i feel like i will never finish! i did the wall by the front door out of complete inspiration by both of you. thanks for sharing! i knew i wanted to do some wedding photos there, but hadn’t decided how.















and here is the very in progress stair wall. i have missing spaces, things i want to paint. pictures that don’t belong (i havent filled most frames and if it has a picture…esp if it is sideways :), i am replacing it). anyway…its a hodge podge…my masterpiece in progress. it still needs lots of love.




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2 thoughts on “picture project update

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    well done! your house already looks more like a home than mine does. keep it going!

  2. oh it’s looking great! we had a large upside-down woman in our hallway for a month before I got the pictures in, next to four pictures of the same face (same frame)…so I know what you’re talking about!

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