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nursery update

i made a curtain for the nursery because it has been wretched hot here and her poor room has been like a sauna. to make the birds, i photo copied a bird in the fabric pattern and blew it up.

and drumroll pleeeeaasse…here is the awesome bumper sarah made! (sarah, sorry it has taken so long to post)


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2 thoughts on “nursery update

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    it all looks great! seems to block out loads of light too. did you print the birds on fabric??? paper??? closer picture please!

    and the bumper looks like it fits! whew! now i can exhale… 🙂

  2. agreed – please take close-up pictures of the birds so we can see! i think they look adorable and i love how you incorporated models into your demo photos.

    the bumper looks so professional! i’ll bet the crafty lady behind that will be selling her wares in brick and mortar stores soon! such creativity from you both, well done!

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