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drip drip spray

zinnia's are an easy, pretty flower to grow by seed; highly recommend!

here in sunny (too sunny) florida we have two vegetable growing seasons (jan – july), (aug – dec).  this is both good and bad, as you can imagine.  you may recall this year my wonderfully handy hubby made me two large garden planters for our backyard, raised about 2′ off the ground to hopefully keep the pups from trampling our crops.  unfortunately we haven’t exactly solved that problem, but we’ll save that for another day.

gardening in florida can be quite easy, and if success was measured in cucumbers and peppers than i’d say we had an incredibly successful first half of the year.  that said, we are now in break mode, waiting for cooler temps and starting new seeds.

one of our only challenges with gardening is keeping the beds watered.  we’ve been playing around with a soaker hose, but i didn’t like that it has continuous holes because we have about a 2′ gap between our two beds, causing us to lose much of the water on the sidewalk.  thanks to my hubby’s healthy addiction to harbor freight, he came home one day with a do-it-yourself drip irrigation system for…wait for it….a whopping $6!

now, i realize that for $6 you get what you pay for – we have no expectations of this kit at this point, but thought we’d give it a whirl before investing much more into a professional kit.

little less drip, little more spray i'd say

assembly was quite simple; run the rubber tubing from the faucet to the planters, cut the tube wherever you want water and insert the little spray nozzle, attach the rest of the tubing and repeat!  in the end you have a tube that only releases water in the designated spot that you want it, and you waste nothing.  whoo hoo!  i ran it a couple of times to get the spray exactly where i want it, and we seem to be all set.

we have been using a timer for over a year now, so we just hooked up the new drip system to it and now it’s set to run every day for 10 minutes.  once the weather cools, we’ll switch it to every other day or every 3 days, but for now water is a necessity.

of course i couldn’t make a post about the garden without showing off my super cute garden markers, purchased last year at the local art fair!  these are awesome since they were cooked in the pottery kiln at whatever hundreds of degrees are required so they can handle our heat no problem.  love them!


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3 thoughts on “drip drip spray

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    that’s awesome! $6??? tell me more about this harbor freight place… love the garden tags and love basil! are you making loads of pesto?

    we are on the cusp of major landscape work so be forewarned of questions coming your way!

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    p.s. how did you make this post? this one is truly one where you can put, “read more after the jump”. 🙂

  3. oh, where to begin! first – harbor freight is a CHEAP hardware store and hubby swears by their stuff. occasionally you get something of low quality but if you use tools occasionally (as in, less than full-time) it’s a great place to get stuff on the cheap. for example, we bought a compound miter saw to do molding, etc and paid about 50% of what you’d pay for something at lowe’s or home depot. guess what, it works great and we’ve used it a ton. we own pretty much everything in that store, so if you have any questions just ask. we also have the vip account. 🙂 we totally overdosed on basil and mint, i couldn’t give that stuff away as fast as we were growing it. both plants grow literally like weeds; mint is great to plant around your garden because it is a natural bug repellent (as are marigolds). i should probably write a post on companion planting and natural bug repellent, there are actually really good guidelines…

    here’s the problem with you saying you will have landscape questions – we have literally been to hours and hours of classes and lectures, had multiple landscape architects and designers come to our house, and have memberships in our local sustainability program. i could write a full blog just on landscaping, gardening, irrigation and green roofs. the part that you and i might disagree on is that my goal with gardening is sustainability which i consider to be low-maintenance (better yet, self-sustaining), organic, natural; creating its own ecosystem. in easier terms – minimal watering, naturally pest-resistent and weed-resistent, attracting butterflies, birds and even the right insects. you probably want something more structured and manicured, especially if you have a home owners association that requires it. if you’re going to do grass, you pretty much have to use regular sprinklers, but the idea with drip irrigation is that you don’t lose so much water to evaporation (some stats claim 50% savings on water!) so if you’re going to have irrigation installed, see if they’ll do drip for your bushes, gardens, etc.

    i could write all morning about rain barrels, compost collection, using leaves as mulch, and the 3 different types of photosynthesis, but again, i could fill up an entire blog. happy planning!!

    and finally, the post… so i know you guys think the brightly colored template is a bit of an eyesore, but what i like about it is that we have a lot more options for creative post layouts. when you’re creating your post look on the right-side to see the “format” section. i chose gallery which condenses the post. additionally, inside the post i created a gallery instead of just inserting one picture at a time. i think you’ve done this before so i wont direct you on how to do it. i kind of played around with it for a little while before i got everything to line up and look right, which i don’t normally do. let me know if that helps!!

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