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updated cafe curtains


don’t you love when you set out to do something crafty and it ends up taking a totally different direction?  i had big plans for making my own cafe curtains for the kitchen and making coordinating cushions for the hookah table (yes, you read that correctly).  so what went wrong?  well, i headed off to bb&b for the curtain rods and found these great panels – the perfect length, the perfect color…one thing led to another…i bought a pair, brought them home expecting to return them the next day.  wouldn’t you know they are exactly the right size, let in exactly the right light, and look just about perfect all on their own.  sheesh!  after i set up my sewing machine and everything.  in this rare example of a project taking about 20% as much time as originally estimated (afterall, i did have to clean up all the packaging materials), i’m happy to say tah-dah!  instant satisfaction.  yippee!


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3 thoughts on “updated cafe curtains

  1. looks perfect! did you find those ring clips at bbb too? i need to get some for the nursery curtain. i sewed tabs on the back, but they aren’t sliding well. The rod that was there when we moved in is wood, so i may need to replace it as well.

  2. yup, the rods are tension rods, $10/each and the rings were about $4/each if i’m not mistaken. they have a matching valence i’m thinking of getting for the big kitchen window above the sink so it all matches. i do love the rod and rings!!

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    perfection! and i am loving those ring clips. is it odd to call them beautiful? because they are…

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