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thank you very much, mr. roboto

today’s craft wasn’t exactly a challenge unless you count sewing with increasing back pain thanks to running nearly 8 miles in the past 24 hours.  however, 6 bibs and burp cloths later i’m happy to report that i did use my sewing machine this weekend!  the theme of the day is robots, and i made these for a few friends who are due to have boys in sept.


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6 thoughts on “thank you very much, mr. roboto

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    adorable! e has been on a robot kick recently and walks around talking like a robot. “i. am. a. robot. take. me. to. your. leader. danger. danger.” ha! she would flip out over these!

    what are you going to use to close the bibs with? snaps? velcro?

    is flannel the backing material on both the bibs and blanket?

  2. haha gotta love little ms e. what to close the bibs with…well, i assumed snaps unless you think velcro is good. i guess i assumed it would be easy to pull off by the little one…what do you recommend?

    yeah, i just have flannel backing. not sure if that’s good or bad, but it is what i did. haha i have no idea if these things are right or not.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      the beauty of a bib! anything goes! and yes. snaps all the way. 🙂 did you put any interfacing between the layers where the snap will go?

  3. fergarella on said:

    no interfacing, should i be? do you use batting too?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      you may want to start using interfacing. especially when using snaps. it just reinforces the fabric so it doesn’t shred or rip when you un-snap it. i don’t use batting. i usually iron on my interfacing to the fabric after i have drawn the pattern but before sewing it to the back. then when i sew and turn right sides out it is already done.

  4. definitely. snaps. moms hate velcro. sticks to everything in the wash….even when you take the time to close them before washing.

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