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before and after…

and i know it isn’t much.  but it was.  we dug away and moved so much earth from along the wall to to steps.  so much dirt.  oy.  seriously.  i need compliments on this.  can you see the 18″ wall in the first picture?  NO!  can you in the second?  YES!  we are getting mulch delivered next week and i think i will put in a few more junipers and maybe even a huneysuckle ground cover.  just worried it will overtake our yard.  we also need to grow more grass on the top of the slope and define the grass line some.  maybe add in a landscape border?  that could keep the honeysuckle at bay…

anyway…forward (???) progress is being made!




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7 thoughts on “before and after…

  1. wow, that’s a lot of dirt!! what did you do with it all? how are you going to keep the mulch from running down the hill? we have honeysuckle in our backyard and I just keep it from taking over by cutting it. It’s not that big of a deal, and it smells sooooo good! are you sore today!?

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    surprisingly not as sore as i thought i would be! although walking the freedom trail today got some of the lactic acid moving around and helped what would have otherwise been a couch potato day! i am scared of the mulch running down the hill…but i don’t want a mud pile in my driveway either. i am starting to lean towards strategically placing large boulders on the slope and doing the honeysuckle. i am trusting you that it is easy to contain though!

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    oh…and we moved the dirt along the stairs. you can’t tell in the initial picture but the slope along the stairs did not match that of the stairs so it looked super off not that the hedges were gone. so we moved all the dirt to either side of the stairs to level it off and make it more visually appealing. it was that or trying to take off the top 3 stairs…and i don’t think that would have been an easy saturday job…

  4. wow that’s quite a feat! great job! i hope your weather is cooler so it’s not so bad to work in the yard. i can only work early morning or late evening, but then the bugs get nasty. i love the idea of using rocks to hold the dirt, we have a TINY runoff in our front yard and nothing stays up there. i’m constantly sweeping up mulch to put back on the “hill” (seriously it’s less than 12 inches high). i can’t imagine what yours might be like. honeysuckle rocks, just build in a little quality time with a pair of garden scissors every week or so during the summer and you’ll be fine. ours grows like a weed, but instead of taking over the yard we have it growing on the fence and i try to keep it below the top of the fence…so i guess i have the vertical upkeep where you’d have the horizontal. i say buy a plant and see what it does, who knows, your climate is totally different from mine maybe it will grow three times as fast.

  5. sedwards515 on said:

    ok…well that is good to know. i will put some in tomorrow (i hope) and just put it at the bottom of the slope giving it time to grow up. hopefully by the time it hits the top we will be ready to put in a fence and then it can grow up the fence and stay out of the grass…

    stay tuned though because we are supposed to get hit by a doozy of a storm tonight. i am so worried for my new plants! eeeks!

    • how did you fare in the storm?

      • sedwards515 on said:

        not too bad! whew! i went out today and got a couple dwarf grasses, junipers (different than the others though), and a butterfly bush. we also put down some wood chips from when they ground our tree stumps last week. it is getting there! i think i am done planting the slope and not just need to get more wood chips down. they are taking down 6 (!!!!!!) soon and i asked them to leave all the chips in our driveway so we should have plenty!

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