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first rag quilt

here is my first rag quilt…thanks to sarah’s tutorial. thanks sarah! i have some things to work out with the next one i make, but overall, it was fun to make. the tough part was coming up with where the squares would go. i swear i lost count how many times i moved them. ūüôā


the power to heal

if only i could offer it! ¬†but i am trying to come as close as i can with my newest creation. ¬†i got some saddening news two weeks ago when a dear friend of mine’s 2 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. ¬†talk about a punch in the gut. ¬†he had a fever one day and the next it is cancer. ¬†when i was told the news, i had this immediate need to do something. ¬†anything. ¬†i just needed to act. ¬†they live in australia so i couldn’t jump in the car and go visit, i couldn’t even really send food. ¬†all the stores are different so gift cards were also tough. ¬†so i prayed, i thought, i cried, and then i sewed.


two capes (using the tutorial found here).  the light pink one on the left is for his sister.  she is a rock star too.  his cape is a bright white, which is what i visualize him surrounded by as he fights the cancer.  i have been told that the energy of white light is extremely powerful.  i also sewed an outline of archangel raphael, the archangel of healing, in the lining to keep an eye on my little friend.  speaking of the lining, i chose a super soft white velour for the lining of both.  he has a long battle ahead of him, and i can only hope that this will make him feel even more strong and powerful than he already is.

and the labels are in production!

i can’t even tell you how much easier these labels are to incorporate into my items than the iron-on labels. ¬†wow. ¬†even when i sew it in crooked (yes…it happens), the total time to sew it crooked and fix it, is still way shorter. ¬†heaven.

but speaking of sewing them in crooked. ¬†any tips or ideas on how i can not do that? ¬†of the 4 i did last night, 3 i did crooked. ¬†it is hard because the label is too small to pin but there is nothing really holding it securely in place. ¬†i am hoping practice makes perfect or one of you (yes…you!) have an amazing idea to share. ¬†pleaseandthankyou.

new labels!

and so you all (y’all?) don’t think i have totally abandoned my sewing. ¬†new tags arrived in the mail yesterday! ¬†(bought them here.)

i am beyond excited to start using them.  the ones with my name and bird in a larger font are for my blankets and the smaller ones are for my bibs and burp cloths.  the smaller ones are designed for me fold in half so my name is on the front and the bird on the back and sew right into the seam when i am sewing right sides together of the bibs and burp cloths.  this will cut down production time in a major way.  with my old tags i would make the bibs and burp cloths and then iron on the label and then topstitch the label.  this will be done within a step i already do.  i am so excited!  a little added bonus was that the seller accidentally made them on the natural and i had ordered white.  so she sent both.  score!  have i mentioned how excited i am?

just take it one day at a time…

as i threw up my arms in defeat 2 days ago my wise 3 year old reminded me to just take it one day at a time.  honest.

me:  we need to hire someone to do all this yard work.  it is too much for mommy and daddy to do.

e:  why?

me:  because mommy and daddy are sore and tired and there is still so much to do!

e: ¬†that’s ok. ¬†just take it one day at a time, mommy.

how right she is!  i have this issue of needed immediate gratification and wanting things done yesterday.  so with those wise words in the background b and i are taking it one day, one wheelbarrow, at a time.

over the past few days we have done a lot.

added gutters to the first story on the front of the house.  (big issue with all the rain water from the second story landing right in front of the living room and going into the basement.)

set up our new rain barrel to collect rainwater from one of the new downspouts.

rearranged some of the plants on the hill and added a few more grasses and junipers.  and a butterfly bush for the girls.

cleared out the vines and stumps in front of the house, to the right of the house, and this horrible awful section in the front right yard.

moved 800 lbs of boulders that we discovered when we cleared out the vines and stumps.

laid a small patio off of the family room door and setup a couple chairs and cocktail table.

spread lots and lots and lots and lots of tree chips.

next to come is the play structure!

remember…here is the before:


here are some during:


and finally…some after:




bean bags

so, we are in the land of first birthdays over here. today marks #3 and there are 3 more coming (not including Jordan’s). i was trying to find something fun to make and stumbled upon these on pinterest. for the most part, i used this tutorial, but went off it on a few things.¬†

these kids have long names though, so i kind of burnt out on this project. not sure i will make them for the birthdays coming up, but i can’t think of anything else for a 1st birthday. even these probably aren’t the most age appropriate. ūüôā

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