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bean bags

so, we are in the land of first birthdays over here. today marks #3 and there are 3 more coming (not including Jordan’s). i was trying to find something fun to make and stumbled upon these on pinterest. for the most part, i used this tutorial, but went off it on a few things.

these kids have long names though, so i kind of burnt out on this project. not sure i will make them for the birthdays coming up, but i can’t think of anything else for a 1st birthday. even these probably aren’t the most age appropriate. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “bean bags

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    ohmygosh! adorable! love them!

  2. these are really cute, what do you do with them? Did you use bean bag stuffing? Last question- how did you do the letters? Very cute idea!

  3. thanks! the letters i just did by picking a font and size i liked in word and printing it on paper. cutting them out, reverse tracing them onto heat and bond, then ironing onto fabric and cutting them out. …time consuming, but i watched bachelor pad while i did it. haha
    what do you do with them? throw them, play with them…not sure, but i started to panic a little at the birthday party on saturday after they were opened and the older (2-4 yr olds) kids snagged them. they freakin loved them and were tossing them, spelling with them, etc. they were very rough though and i was worried about my beginner stitching holding up. i had visions of dried peas (the stuffing i used) flying everywhere.

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