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new labels!

and so you all (y’all?) don’t think i have totally abandoned my sewing.  new tags arrived in the mail yesterday!  (bought them here.)

i am beyond excited to start using them.  the ones with my name and bird in a larger font are for my blankets and the smaller ones are for my bibs and burp cloths.  the smaller ones are designed for me fold in half so my name is on the front and the bird on the back and sew right into the seam when i am sewing right sides together of the bibs and burp cloths.  this will cut down production time in a major way.  with my old tags i would make the bibs and burp cloths and then iron on the label and then topstitch the label.  this will be done within a step i already do.  i am so excited!  a little added bonus was that the seller accidentally made them on the natural and i had ordered white.  so she sent both.  score!  have i mentioned how excited i am?


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3 thoughts on “new labels!

  1. who doesn’t love an unexpected bogo deal?! Great tags, but how come you didn’t use the same name and logo as your business cards / etsy store? Also, how very henry ford of you, looking for supply chain efficiency opportunities. You can take the girl out of michigan…

    • sedwards515 on said:

      but you can’t michigan out of the girl! lol!

      the new labels are actually very similar to my business cards. same bird, same font, etc. i just like using my name instead of the sedwards515 on the items. i guess i think of sedwards515 as my store name…but sarah edwards as the line?

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