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snap drama

help me please! i made a ton of cute bibs, was super proud of myself and ready to hand them out, decided to wash everything one more time because i found a very guilty looking pup who appeared to have taken a nap on my bib stack…anyway, after the wash cycle was complete i pulled all the bibs out and realized every single one of the snaps had come off! what?! granted, this batch was done before you told me about the interfacing…so they do not have interfacing…is that why the snaps came off? i used the snap tool and a hammer to smack ’em on there, but they didn’t hold! argh. can you help point me to the right snaps and tools so i can put good ones on these bibs? thank you!!


return to creativity


hello again!  betcha thought i’d never return, huh?  so as you know, i’ve been a little preoccupied for about the past month, but i think we’ve gotten things stabilized again and i’m finding some time for fun stuff.  today was a fantastic day, because i was able to tackle a home project that has been weighing on my mind for OVER A YEAR.  why has it been on the to do list for so long??  two reasons: time, and weather.  the time excuse is obvious, but seriously the weather has been miserable for so long…hot, hot, hot, dry and hot.  not exactly a good time to plant a bunch of new things.  this week mother nature delivered a true gift – 60 degree weather!!  i honestly can’t tell you the last time that i worked in the yard with a sweatshirt on.  wowsers!  so the story goes like this – this little nook in our yard used to have a few azaleas when we first moved in, which ended up dying.  i added the brick border using left over patio stones from our patio project, and i kind of like that they’ve moved around and aren’t exactly even anymore.  i have added a few annuals to this spot to just kind of keep it pleasant looking, but once they died…well it was pretty gross.  so i ripped nearly everything out (the tea olive tree was a wedding gift, so it’s relatively new), and the rest got a facelift.  i used the same process and ideas as the rest of the back yard – multiple textures, heights, and a combination of bushes, flowering trees, perennials and grasses.  i’m sure it’s not a style that would be popular for everyone, but in our eclectic neighborhood it fits right in.  the reason why i picked this style is because it attracts butterflies and birds, and is also tolerant of the little paws that love to pounce on plants as they chase lizards.  i finished it off with cypress mulch, which smells soooooo good!!  what do you think?


you may be asking what are all those plants anyway, so here you go:

(1) tea olive tree (VERY fragrant, truly awesome)

(1) pink lady camellia tree

(3) ligustrum bushes

(2) japanese ewe bushes

(4) mexican heather perennials

(2) loropetalum bushes (purple leaves with pink flowers)

(2) green grasses

(3) white grasses

(2) chrysanthemum perennials

(1) persian shield perennial

painted lampshades

last cheap decorating item…i promise!

but we had these bright white lamps with bright white lampshades on the piano in our living room and i didn’t like the look they were giving.  with our ceiling such a deep blue and the brown on the rug and curtains, we needed some more color infused into the room.  i saw a painted lampshade at anthropologie and thought…i can do that!  and…i have paint!

so i went into the basement and got all the paint i had and started painting!  well…first i sketched what i wanted to draw and then i painted.  and then i hot glued some ribbon for added texture.  i still need to add some texture to the second lamp…maybe some fabric buttons?


diy ombre curtains

after tackling the sunroom in a relatively cheap manner…i thought i should move on to the living room.  first up were the brown curtains that we were never really sold on.  they were ok when we got them but after having them up for a few months we realized we wanted something lighter.  i have been seeing a lot of these ombre style shower curtains, window curtains, bedding, etc. recently and thought i would take a stab at it.  and the added bonus:  i had bleach!

so here i went…

step 1:  prewash fabric

step 2:  roll up fabric and place rubber bands at the various places you want the shade to change.  also decide here if you want them to be lighter at the top and then get darker towards the bottom or vice versa.  i decided that i wanted ours to be lighter at the top and then get darker.  i also wanted the original brown to start right around where the window ends.  then i evenly placed 4 rubber bands on each curtain.

step 3:  fill up the laundry tub (or other large bucket or vessel) with hot water and bleach.
step 4:  place the first section of all curtains in the bleach solution.
step 5:  keeping an eye on the fabric, and knowing that the first section will be in the longest, move the next section in when you think you are at a good amount of time.  i planned to do 10 min per section.  so the first section would be in for 50 min, second section 40 min, third section 30 min, etc.  but after i was done i wanted the top to be  even lighter so i then went back and stuck the top part in for about 10 more min.  this part is probably a lot of guess work.  so do it when you have time to sit and watch.
step 6:  cut off the rubber bands and wash them!
step 7:  hang and enjoy!
and to recap…here is the before and after (sorry for the lighting in the after, i never seem to have time to take the pictures during the day anymore!):
all in all i like the effect.  it definitely lightens up the room which is what we wanted.  but the top never got white.  it is more of a peachy creamy color?  not terrible…but not what i wanted.  however i did find a cool print from urban outfitters that has blues and peachy creamy tones in it and ordered it.  so i will put that up and hope to tie it all together.  stay tuned!

framed fabric

i am hosting a party for e’s school in a couple weeks and felt the sudden urge to “finish” our house.  here was project number 1.  put something on the wall in the sunroom.  oh…and a key point to make is that i had no budget.

the end result was creating 3 different size weave grids out of fabric that i really liked and framing them in 3 square frames that i already had.  so total cost:  $0.00.  score!


the first weave is made with 1″ thick strips, the second weave is made with 2″ thick strips, and the third weave is made with 4″ thick strips.  i also added in a thin strip or two of a red fabric for a little pop in each one.


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