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framed fabric

i am hosting a party for e’s school in a couple weeks and felt the sudden urge to “finish” our house.  here was project number 1.  put something on the wall in the sunroom.  oh…and a key point to make is that i had no budget.

the end result was creating 3 different size weave grids out of fabric that i really liked and framing them in 3 square frames that i already had.  so total cost:  $0.00.  score!


the first weave is made with 1″ thick strips, the second weave is made with 2″ thick strips, and the third weave is made with 4″ thick strips.  i also added in a thin strip or two of a red fabric for a little pop in each one.



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2 thoughts on “framed fabric

  1. wait a minute, did you just sneak in an unmarked photo of your craft space?? i spotted a sewing machine! how adorable, i love it! (oh, and your framed fabric is cute too, haha)

    what kind of shelving did you use in this room? i’m looking at some elpha products for our mud room, but haven’t made a decision yet.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    ha ha ha! busted! yes…that is my craft space. but even that is different now! we have a different stand for the tv, finally made more stools for the kids activity table, and i moved one of the painted lampshades to the desk.

    but back to the shelving. these are the jarpin (sp?) shelves from ikea. i have a love hate relationship with elpha. everytime i go into the container store i am prepared to purchase something but always walk out with just a couple baskets…i can never pull the trigger!

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