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painted lampshades

last cheap decorating item…i promise!

but we had these bright white lamps with bright white lampshades on the piano in our living room and i didn’t like the look they were giving.  with our ceiling such a deep blue and the brown on the rug and curtains, we needed some more color infused into the room.  i saw a painted lampshade at anthropologie and thought…i can do that!  and…i have paint!

so i went into the basement and got all the paint i had and started painting!  well…first i sketched what i wanted to draw and then i painted.  and then i hot glued some ribbon for added texture.  i still need to add some texture to the second lamp…maybe some fabric buttons?



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3 thoughts on “painted lampshades

  1. how creative! we must be channeling the same inspiration somewhere, because i just bought a plain-ol’ lampshade from target and was thinking about painting it. of course, i was just going to paint it a solid color, but yours look fantastic! what made you decide on the pattern and colors?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      do it! do it! i was window shopping at anthropologie and saw a painted shade. i loved it and then realized that i could do (a much lesser quality) version of it for (a heck of a lot) less $$$…

      side note…i bought new lamps for the piano and moved these. one is now on my desk and one is in the twins’ room. 🙂

    • sedwards515 on said:

      and i would have linked to the lampshade but i couldn’t find it on their website! not sure if it was a one-of-a-kind thing at our store?

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