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snap drama

help me please! i made a ton of cute bibs, was super proud of myself and ready to hand them out, decided to wash everything one more time because i found a very guilty looking pup who appeared to have taken a nap on my bib stack…anyway, after the wash cycle was complete i pulled all the bibs out and realized every single one of the snaps had come off! what?! granted, this batch was done before you told me about the interfacing…so they do not have interfacing…is that why the snaps came off? i used the snap tool and a hammer to smack ’em on there, but they didn’t hold! argh. can you help point me to the right snaps and tools so i can put good ones on these bibs? thank you!!


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One thought on “snap drama

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    what was the backing fabric? i don’t think it is due to no interfacing… did you “test” them before you washed them? i usually hammer both sides, then give it a couple test snaps to make sure it is tight. sometimes the snap goes on a tad off and if one hook doesn’t hook then it will fall off. but that is odd that all of them fall off… did you use the blue tool thing? did you make sure you used the right size hole for the snap? pictures of what you did?

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