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twirl away little girl…twirl away…

i am still working out all the kinks but i am almost there.  check out my latest twirl skirt!


this was take one today and it came out a little small for e.  there isn’t much give in the hips…  i made some adjustments (made the whole thing wider, made each band the same thickness, etc.) and made another one but she is sleeping and i probably can’t wake her up to ask her to model a skirt for me.  right?  right.  let a sleeping child sleep.  but i have all the steps down and if this new one fits e then i think i have all the measurements for various sizes.  i am tentatively planning on adding them to my items i make for the store.  so feedback is very much appreciated!


momo for moda half moon black with white dots

patty young flora & fauna hummingbirds white

momo for moda half moon white with black dots




voulez vous francais?

me neither.  but i can do a french seam!  i am making new bedding for e and since i am too cheap to buy extra wide fabric (and because they don’t make super cute extra wide fabric) i am piecing together an absolutely gorgeous fabric from joel dewberry’s amazing heirloom collection.  seriously.  amazing.  go look here.  love, love, love, love, love.  we are talking the kind of love that makes one buy not only the 7.5 yards needed to make this duvet cover but an additional 2 yards 2 other fabrics and get this, 18 yards of 18 other fabrics.  this is serious folks.

anyway…back to my post.

to piece the pieces together i decided to use a french seam!  they always terrified me but in reality they are so simple and easy and fun!

check out the steps…

1.  lay fabric wrong sides together, line up raw edges, pin, and sew.


2.  trim as close to the seam line as you dare.

3.  iron to one side.

4.  flip so fabric is right sides together, iron seam, and pin.


5.  sew another seam.

6.  iron seam to one side.

7.  top stitch (optional).

it really does give it a very finished and polished look.  i will share full pictures of e’s room when it is complete.  but she is also getting a new “headboard” and i am refinishing an old tea chest my grandfather made for my mother when she was a little girl for her.  stay tuned!


joel dewberry heirloom ornate floral in amethyst

operation distraction (code name peacock feather), part 1

well, we all knew it was coming, and after months of planning, projects, and generally running around, we are down to the last week before i am officially a “single” housewife for 6.5 months.  while generally speaking it’s going to be fine, there will definitely be times when i want to pull my hair out and scream…so in an attempt to reduce the frequency of those days, i’ve created peacock feather.  a multi-tiered, 6-month program of equal parts creativity, health, and education.  remember how once you got into the groove of school, the semesters seemed to fly by??  yeah, kinda like that.

part one of peacock feather builds skills in photography, forces me to use all the equipment that i already have (plus validates a purchase i’m planning to make, hee hee), and also gets me out of the house, which will be huge during the winter.  i’ve selected 6 different photography techniques that i want to try / learn, and each month i’ll focus on one.  this includes doing a bit of pre-work by researching techniques and camera settings, but then also spending a few days in different locations testing out the techniques.

here are the monthly assignments, feel free to participate!

month technique
december night photography
january tilt shift
february motion blur / time lapse
march HDR / monochromatic
april macro
may reflection / mirror

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