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twirl away little girl…twirl away…

i am still working out all the kinks but i am almost there.  check out my latest twirl skirt!


this was take one today and it came out a little small for e.  there isn’t much give in the hips…  i made some adjustments (made the whole thing wider, made each band the same thickness, etc.) and made another one but she is sleeping and i probably can’t wake her up to ask her to model a skirt for me.  right?  right.  let a sleeping child sleep.  but i have all the steps down and if this new one fits e then i think i have all the measurements for various sizes.  i am tentatively planning on adding them to my items i make for the store.  so feedback is very much appreciated!


momo for moda half moon black with white dots

patty young flora & fauna hummingbirds white

momo for moda half moon white with black dots




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3 thoughts on “twirl away little girl…twirl away…

  1. oh, i love this! i wish i didn’t have a hiney or I’d have you make me one. haha. the only suggestion, though, i really don’t think you need to change anything is something maybe at the waist band? a solid band or something…but that could make it have too many prints. maybe a drawstring waist instead with a colored tie?

  2. e looks like she could have a future in modeling! that’s a great skirt, and i really like the bird fabric. can you add details to the post that include the fabric listings? my little 3-year old fashion advisor told me that a dress is the most pretty if it twirls out while you spin. dresses that lay flat are for babies, dolls and boys. i had no idea.

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    thanks guys!

    jen…great ideas! thank you! and hiney schminey. 🙂

    jamie…i think i need the phone number of your fashion advisor. she may be of great help to me as i expand my “collection”. (collection…ba ha ha ha ha ha!) i will edit with fabric listings.

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