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voulez vous francais?

me neither.  but i can do a french seam!  i am making new bedding for e and since i am too cheap to buy extra wide fabric (and because they don’t make super cute extra wide fabric) i am piecing together an absolutely gorgeous fabric from joel dewberry’s amazing heirloom collection.  seriously.  amazing.  go look here.  love, love, love, love, love.  we are talking the kind of love that makes one buy not only the 7.5 yards needed to make this duvet cover but an additional 2 yards 2 other fabrics and get this, 18 yards of 18 other fabrics.  this is serious folks.

anyway…back to my post.

to piece the pieces together i decided to use a french seam!  they always terrified me but in reality they are so simple and easy and fun!

check out the steps…

1.  lay fabric wrong sides together, line up raw edges, pin, and sew.


2.  trim as close to the seam line as you dare.

3.  iron to one side.

4.  flip so fabric is right sides together, iron seam, and pin.


5.  sew another seam.

6.  iron seam to one side.

7.  top stitch (optional).

it really does give it a very finished and polished look.  i will share full pictures of e’s room when it is complete.  but she is also getting a new “headboard” and i am refinishing an old tea chest my grandfather made for my mother when she was a little girl for her.  stay tuned!


joel dewberry heirloom ornate floral in amethyst


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3 thoughts on “voulez vous francais?

  1. oui, je parle francais!

    great post se!!

    such a coincidence…i started a project this week and am also using joel dewberry’s fabric! i’m using dogwood bloom and acorn chain in blues. i saw the heirloom collection and LOVED it. my new favorite fabric store has all of them, and they are $10.99/yard cuts ($11.99/yard for custom cuts), is that a good price? i thought the prices look good since there would be no shipping. let me know if you want me to get something for you and send it home with be. 🙂

    great job on the seams, i am dying to see e’s room now…i can just imagine how beautiful it will be, and you better watch out because joel might call you up for some marketing materials, haha!

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    i love joel dewberry. there. i said it.

    i think that price is a tad high? i have been shopping recently at and usually get it for just shy of $9/yd and if you spend over $35 it is free shipping. i can usually find a 15-25% off coupon and they are on ebates. but…i am all for supporting local businesses. so if you like the store and the people then i urge you to keep going there. (and i may send you to make some purchases for me to throw in my support too.)

    i am hoping to tackle the tea chest tomorrow. if i can get that spruced up or at least started then pictures should be forthcoming!

  3. great tips on the ebates. yeah, i do like to support local business, especially since i can go into the store and they will help me with something i’m making. plus, sometimes i just have to have something TODAY. maybe i have some kind of undiagnosed mental dysfunction, but sometimes when i get my head into something, i simply can’t wait a few days. haha however, i’m also a lover of saving money, sooooo i will definitely use for some purchases!

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