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sassy diva ruffled apron

how many adjectives can you put in front of the word apron to make it sound cooler??  why should an apron have such a cool name…well, because it was the first time I ever took an article of clothing and tried to reproduce it without a premade pattern.  yup, that’s right.  i went totally off the grid and made my own pattern, modified the design along the way to incorporate various components from other aprons I found on the web and TAH-DAH!  it actually worked!  no, i’m not kidding.

the story begins with my beloved apron purchased some years ago from anthropologie.  the apron has served me well and always gets lots of compliments, which is awesome. so awesome in fact that my little sister asked for a similar one for christmas this year.  the only problem is that years later, the exact style i have is no longer available, the new ones just aren’t as cool, and hello, they are expensive (approx. $32 each)!  considering she also asked for dishtowels to match her décor (aqua)…well, when was the last time you saw aqua colored dishtowels?  yeah.  commence imagination and creativity. here is my story:

step 0 – lay my apron on the table and look at it.  this seemed like a perfectly legitimate step at the time, although i made no pattern nor did i measure anything, so who knows what i was really trying to do.  oh, and i laid it inside out, which is even more productive.  *sigh*


step 1 – buy material.  having made very few sewing projects previously, i had no clue how much material to buy.  in hindsight i’m not sure why i would buy fabric before i had a pattern (or at least a measurement of some sort), but whatever i just drove my happy butt to the fabric store with no plan whatsoever.  i bought three different fabrics: joel dewberry modern meadow dogwood bloom pond, joel dewberry modern meadow acorn chain in pond, and joel dewberry heirloom blockprint blossom amber.

step 2 – retrieve model apron and iron.  arguably i should have also cleaned it, but alas.  the friendly owner of paula’s fine fabrics (my new favorite fabric store) tipped me off to using the brown package wrapping paper to create a pattern.  this ended up being a life saver since my original plan was to just lay the apron down on the table and trace it onto the new fabric.  in hindsight this was a terrible idea, so I’m ecstatic that Paula set me on the right track.

step 3 – draw pattern.  this was surprisingly easy, but then again i didn’t exactly have high standards for the project so my pattern wasn’t what i would call precise.  i don’t think it mattered.

step 4 – decide pattern looked uneven and lame, so begin freehand.


scalloped edge apron

step 4 – cut out fabric.

step 5 – lay out all pieces on the table.  i have no idea why I did this, other than to make sure all the pieces together looked somewhat like an apron.  this is also the point in time i excitedly brought hubby in to marvel at the coolness of making something totally from scratch. it was a fun moment until the dog barfed up something and ruined it.

sure looks like an apron

step 6 – make and attach ruffles.

orange ruffles

step 8 – put down camera and drink caffeine.  afterall, it’s already 11pm the night before i fly to michigan to give this little gem to sissy for christmas.

step 9 – a flurry of attaching pieces, adding bias tape, building and rebuilding the neck & waist ties…and BAM!  finished everything except my fancy scalloped edge, which i stared at for nearly 30 minutes before giving up.

wait!  what did it end up looking like???  well, unfortunately when i finished it at nearly 3am i forgot to take a picture.  i’ve put in a request for the photograph and as soon as i get it i’ll add it here.  i know, i know, so unfair.


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6 thoughts on “sassy diva ruffled apron

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    oooooh! i like! i want to see the finished produce. 🙂

    what was the issue with the scalloped edge?

  2. that late at night, i couldn’t figure out how to finish the edge…you know, folding it over created weirdness, i didn’t have enough bias tape…so it stumped me.

  3. sedwards515 on said:

    aha. yeah…finishing a scalloped edge without enough bias tape and not doing right sides together would stump me too. 🙂 i don’t know if you could do a fold over and then top stitch. i think it would always come out wonky – late at night or not! maybe line the skirt so you can just do right sides together and flip? or serge the edges and give it a more rustic look? did you end up just doing a straight edge?

  4. i totally cheated on the scalloped edge…gave it to my sis without finishing it, and made my mom do it! haha totally didn’t learn anything, except how to pawn off my projects.

  5. Wow, this was the most interesting story I have ever read!! How dare I request an apron AND dish towels (which I easily found in turqouise at Target btw) you might ask?!? Well clearly you should expect that kind of behavior from a sassy diva!! I just wish I was there to watch one of the boys interrupt Will’s marveling at some fabric scraps!! In all seriousness, I love the apron – love the colors and patterns and ruffles – and wish mom would hurry up already with the finished product so I can wear it!! ❤

  6. um, i want one 🙂

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