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give an old book(case) a new color?

would you try to hide them and make them disappear into the wall or would you paint them in an accent color (think pear green) and make them stand out?


i have been toying with the idea of painting them since we moved in.  but i hate them.  and i don’t think painting them is going to make me like them any more.  or will it?  can you give an old book you hate a new cover and all of a sudden like it?

i was all set to give up on the idea until i saw this picture in the design within reach catalog over the weekend:

it was love at first sight.

but can my dysfunctional shelves ever make me swoon like these do?




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3 thoughts on “give an old book(case) a new color?

  1. what do you like about the model shelves?? if it’s the cubism (how very czech republic of you), paint wont change your mind. if it’s the contents of the shelves – the symmetry created by rows and columns of standing books and mags, painting wont help…but if what’s drawing you to the picture is the paint color inside the shelves….well then you should give it a whirl! you could also add some dividers to make it more “cubist” if that’s what’s drawing your eye. also, you could be turned off by the thick molding surrounding your built-ins, since the model has a more modern design…maybe removing the molding would do it? i happen to like the molding, just trying to figure out why you love one and hate the other. we can fix anything! ps nice curtains, are those custom?? 🙂

    • sedwards515 on said:

      good questions! what do i like about said shelves… i definitely like the color. i like that it is somewhat unexpected but is definitely there. i also like that they are more substantial than mine but i know i can’t change that. mine seem so…random and small and inefficient for the size of the room. i think i hate mine because they serve no purpose. the shelves aren’t deep enough to store a book nor are they tall enough. so then it just becomes a place to collect junk and i am not a junk collector. sigh… i was thinking if i painted them a fun color then i can at least try to find more crystal sets or all white things to put on them. at least then i can form a collection that makes sense. sigh… i just want my shelves to look cool. right now they don’t. i thought about making mine look more cube like but i don’t think they are big enough to have the right impact. i feel like the only way to give them some of the modern yet vintage vibe i like is to paint the back of the shelves and try to fine some cool paper or fabric and redo the cabinet doors. ???

  2. i like the idea of painting them a fun color. i would definitely do it. especially if they are not exactly fully functioning book shelves 🙂

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