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order up!

my little niece looooves playing pretend kitchen, and this christmas we bought her a wooden stand mixer and toaster to go with her kitchen set.  i decided that every good chef needs a hat and of course a mitt, so i made one for her!   these were made using riley blake’s sugar and spice dot, paisely and large flower pattern.  can’t wait to see a picture of her using it!


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2 thoughts on “order up!

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    super super cute! did you free-hand it or use a tutorial / pattern? does the mitt work for adults? i need some new oven mitts…

  2. thanks! i used a mccalls pattern that my sis bought, but after making these you totally don’t need a pattern. they were so easy to make! i wouldn’t use these for hot stuff though, its just two pieces of cotton fabric with batting, i don’t think it would protect you from a mug of coffee!

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