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buried under (orange) bias!

i am here!  sewing away, sewing away, sewing away, painting a room, sewing away…

and i got a bias tape maker!  i am beyond excited and so angry that i never got one of these earlier.  to think of the burns my poor finger tips got in making my own bias tape…  oh the burns!  oh the pain!

one of the blogs i read (frequent?  peruse?  stalk?  you pick…) had a post about making continuous bias tape and in typical sedwards515 fashion i quickly completed an internet search and was the proud owner of a simplicity bias tape maker.  lucky for me they were being sold on so i didn’t even have to get in my car and drive anywhere.  (note…the prices here do fluctuate.  i paid $58 and it is now listed at $62.)

and lucky for me i was asked to make a baby gift set for a dear friend so i was able to try out my new (rash) purchase.

i followed the tutorial pretty closely…only real hiccup came in the step where you sew the line to create the “tube”.  just don’t skip any steps or think you don’t need certain steps.  you need to do them all!

but now i am, quite literally, buried under orange bias tape!  the amount that 1 yard of fabric makes is quite impressive.  so choose wisely!


fabric:  orange kona, half moon modern by moda chevron in grey




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5 thoughts on “buried under (orange) bias!

  1. ohmygosh this is so funny, i was just looking at one of these this past weekend! i’m glad to hear how much you love it. what are you making?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      get one! seriously…if you think you will make bias tape 2 times in your life it will be worth it. so much easier.

      all i have used it for so far is the binding on a couple of blankets. i made one large (36″ by 48″) and then a smaller lovey (22″ square). both were just simple blankets – chenille back and cotton front and then the orange binding around the whole thing. but i have so much leftover! i need a bias tape project!

  2. oh man i go through so much bias tape. i pretty much have a standing order. i’m going to seriously consider it! now if you find a good deal on a serger, call me!

  3. ok, new question. does this gadget make different sized bias tape? i usually use double fold 1/2″ tape. will it make that size? lastly, how does it look where you sewed the fabric together? still a nice edge?

  4. i’m going to have to consider getting one. i basically avoid making anything that needs bias tape or just skip it. haha

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