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stuck in the mud

ahh, the dreaded mudroom.  the room in the back of the house that ends up collecting all the miscellaneous clutter that didn’t fit anywhere else in the house.  instead of a junk drawer, it’s the junk room.  at least this is what it is at our house.  for context, our mudroom spans the entire rear of the house, but is only about 7 feet wide.  picture a sideways bowling alley, and yup…that’s what the room is.  here is a picture from when we first bought the house:

you’ll notice a nice-looking built-in desk, which gave my hubby the smart idea of selling the house to me since it had a sewing room.  “look babe, you can turn this room into a sewing room!”  needless to say i have never so much as cut fabric in that room.  in the next few years we will come to hate this built in desk, but ultimately decide to do nothing about it.  (sorry for ruining the end of the story).

i’ve wanted to do something to the mudroom  we came up with these grand plans, had contractors come out and give estimates for shelving and cabinets and wainscotting and tile flooring…i mean, if there has ever been a plan for a mudroom, i was going to have it!  in the meantime, you could come over pretty much any day of the week and this is what you’d find:

so that was about 6 months ago.  needless to say, i did a full 180 on the whole grand mudroom plan.  i don’t know why, but i abandoned the mudroom plans and took matters into my own hands.

first, i started painting.  the original color was a cross between barf and honey, with beige trim that looks like it was painted white and then someone smoked cigarettes next to it for 20 years.  i was going for a grey color, but like every wall color i pick this ended up more blue than grey.  luckily, blue is my favorite color.  the trim is sherwin williams #7004 snowbound.  note, i always use sherwin williams colors because i have the paint deck, but i never buy their paint.  i could write a whole blog about how overpriced their product is, with terrible customer service to top it off, but i’ll bite my tongue.

next, i bought a great shelf/coat hook unit from home decorators collection, and we were off running.  the shelf was pretty easy to put together, but i did have some assistance which was necessary for hanging the seemingly 200 lb unit.  i hung a few pictures on the walls, bought a new rug, got rid of all the extra junk that was just hanging around, and taa dah!

and yes, of course i still have a bit to do – you’ll notice the back door isn’t painted white yet, and the bench will either be reupholstered or get throw pillows, since it’s obvious that the beige microfiber does not match.  also i still have at least one more picture to hang.

here are some of the details:

cafe curtains - handmade - dwell studio soft scrolls fabric

pier1 imports multi coat hook

ikea - dog butt leash hook

personal images -


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5 thoughts on “stuck in the mud

  1. love it! I love how you used the bookcase as a shoe rack too. I may have to steal that idea. currently our shoes sit in a mound in the garage and it annoys me immensely. so, what do you plan to use for the desk now? 🙂

    i like the canvas photos too. i found a neat diy tutorial where you use modpodge and do it yourself. I’m hoping to try it soon but alas, it is on that really long list of things I want to do. ha!

    oh and off topic, but i never get notifications when you guys post something new. only when you comment on my posts. ugh. any ideas why?

  2. and just noticed what you’ve done with race #’s! love it. I’m stealing that too 🙂

  3. wow, good eye! yes, i used a folding bookshelf for shoe storage. it’s not the most attractive solution but it does work. the race numbers are actually kind of old, but yeah all i did was buy a poster frame, and tape all the numbers to the piece of paper that comes with the frame. brilliant! (not)

    i noticed new posting notifications don’t work well with my email either. i have the wordpress app on my mobile devices and those work better. i’m not real sure why it doesn’t work, you’d think that would be basic functionality. maybe they need some new BA’s to re-design it. 🙂

  4. sedwards515 on said:

    i love it! our mudroom is even worse than your before picture. ungodly room in our house that i despise…

    we have plans of making our basement our mudroom since it opens out to the driveway. alas…we have to solve the water issue before that and to solve the water issue we have to solve the landscaping and to solve the landscaping we have to have money. 🙂

    back to your work. bravo! it looks great. and it also all looks very functional. i think the true test will be what does it look like in a month…but i think you have may have gotten unstuck from the mud!

  5. sedwards515 on said:

    oh…and p.s. try re-following this blog. i did a few months back and have gotten notifications no problem.

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