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bias bonus

fergarella asked some god questions on the bias tape.  here are my responses based on my experience.

1.  tip sizes.  the tip that came standard with the tool makes a 1″ single fold bias tape.  other tips are available to purchase.

2.  seams.  the seams come out pretty good.  only caveat is that you need to keep an eye (and ear) on when a seam is approaching the plate so you can gently tug it through.  i didn’t do that the first time i used it and ended up with an accordion looking strip of bias tape.  whoops.  but after a bit i realized i could both see and hear when a seam was approaching and give the required tug.

here are some pictures for a visual.  the first is showing the width of the bias tape.  all you would need to do to make it 1/2″ double fold bias tape is to fold in half and iron.  or depending on how you sew it onto your item you don’t even have to do that.  the second picture shows 2 (maybe 3?) seams.  they are going opposite directions because one is from the initial seam you create when you cut along the bias and sew the salvage ends together and the other is when you sew the tube closed.  this will all make sense after reading the tutorial.  trust.


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One thought on “bias bonus

  1. oh yes, this is very helpful! i would totally use one of these boys. consider it added to the list!!

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