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scrap buster!

i have an massive amount of scraps that are super long but only 5 – 6 ” in width.  i have been lovingly putting them in my “fabric scraps” bin after every project with no idea of what to do with them.  until now.

and yes i am aware that i did not re-invent any wheel with this project but man-oh-man am i glad i stumbled upon it (er…have a friend email it to me and say:  make these!).

introducing my scrap buster project of the week…the crayon roll!


i used 3 or 4 tutorials as guides (just google crayon roll and grab the first 3 that come up).  it seems that people have differing opinions on the following:

1.  width of the fabric.  some say 6″ some say 5″.  all of my fabrics were 5″ wide.

2.  length of the fabric.  some say 16.5, some say 13, some say 18.  all of mine were 17″ to account for 16 1″ crayon slots, a 1/4″ seam on one end and 1/2″ seam on the other (so i had enough fabric to fold under to top stitch close), and room for the topstitching to not interfere with the width of the first and last crayon slot.

3.  interfacing vs a separate piece of fabric for between the front fabric and the lining fabric.  many tutorials had you apply interfacing to the back of the lining fabric.  i didn’t want to “waste” interfacing when i had so much extra flannel scraps.  so i used a piece of flannel fabric instead.

4.  button vs. ribbon tie.  i think the ponytail holder and button is best for a child to be able to open and close it him/herself.  however, i didn’t have extra ponytail holders or buttons so i opted for ties.


i really think these are great gift options for kids ages 2 and up.  and you can make them as long or short as you want based on the length of fabric you have on hand.



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4 thoughts on “scrap buster!

  1. fantastic scrap buster, you really set the bar with this one! how much white thread do you buy at a time? i’m looking for a way to keep a standing order of the stuff, and you must go thru it so much faster. i wish they carried it at the grocery store, maybe i should start going to walmart….yeah, no.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      white thread (and natural thread) is my nemesis! i am always running out. and usually with one seam left in a project. erg… i have started buying the 3″ tall cotton thread spools. my new sewing machine (did i say new? why yes…i did.) holds the big spools so it works great. on my old machine it would throw off the tension so i would have to use a bobbin size spool for the top as well as the bottom and i was always winding something…

  2. ummm excuse me…why haven’t we seen or heard anything about this new sewing machine before??

    • sedwards515 on said:

      🙂 it was a rash purchase (if you can imagine that…). my machine broke (i sewed over a pin and the pin snapped and got lodged somewhere inside the machine and even with me taking it apart as much as i dared i couldn’t find it…) and i had an order of bibs and burp cloths that was due to the store. so i went to our local mom and pop sewing machine / vacuum store and snatched up a new brother. it is an upgrade from my old one but still fairly simple. i really don’t need anything fancy…

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