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i need help…

gorgeous, right?  it is from amy butler’s new(ish) collection called lark.  i love the colors and various prints – some flowy, some geometric, even some ikat prints!

the store that sells my bibs, burp cloths, and loveys asked me to make them some pinafores.  i was super excited because that gave me an excuse to finally snag these prints.  but now i am at a crossroad and have no idea where to go.  my pinafores have 3 prints; 1 for the skirt, 1 for the top and tie, and 1 for the straps.  when i initially bought these i intended for them to work in sets of 3.  so the bottom 3 were together, the middle 3 together, and the top 3 together.  but as you can see they mix and match well beyond that.  which is now making me question how i proceed.  i wanted to make 3 pinafores in each size (s, m, and l).  do i go with my initial plan and make 3 with the bottom 3 fabrics but mixing up where i use each fabric in the pinafore?  or do i do a complete schmorgishborg and make 9 totally and completely unique and different pinafores?  thoughts?  opinions?  what you would like to see if you walked into a (small) retail store?

note:  either option would result in 9 unique pinafores.  but one option keeps the fabrics in the 3 sets of 3 where the other option intermixes everything.  hope that makes sense…



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4 thoughts on “i need help…

  1. when you say 9 totally different, do you mean 9 different of the same suite of fabrics?

    …can you tell i fixed my alerts? 🙂

    • sedwards515 on said:

      lol! i just added an update that might help that. the 9 totally different would mean that no pinafore would have the same 3 fabrics in it. each one would be totally and completely unique. the other option would have 3 pinafores (in different sizes) having the same 3 fabrics in it, just in different parts. i.e., the skirt fabric of one would be the top fabric of another would be the straps of the third. and within those 3 pinafores they would have the same other two fabrics in different parts. does that help?

      and yeah for fixing alerts! 🙂

  2. i’ve never been a fan of matchy-matchy, so i would vote for making 9 unique pinafores. since the fabrics all go together if you ended up with a mom wanting multiples for her kiddos, she could do so and they would look similar. to make them match you’re relying on the buyers need for whatever size you made too. this could all get thrown out the window if you tell me that mom’s of multiples prefer to dress them in identical clothing. i don’t really get that impression, but what do i know?! haha! go forth and sew!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      will do! i think my big concern was there being too many options so someone would see “the one” but then it wouldn’t be in their size so they wouldn’t buy anything. but i think i just need to realize that the point of these is that they are one-of-a-kind creations and hope that the right one will find the right owner!

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