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new challenge(s)

i recently had someone reach out to me to make a rag quilt that was approximately 36″ by 50″.  (my hunch is she needed it for a toddler bed…)  i ran some numbers and figured out that if i used my 8″ square ruler (really 8.5″) that i could do a 5 x 7 square blanket and it would hit those measurements spot on.  i have only made a couple rag quilts with that size square and every time i wonder why i don’t make more of them…it is a nice size and really let’s you show off some of the larger scale prints that are out there.  she also requested that i use a one of the patterned fabrics for the back fabric (instead of my usual flannel).  now i have to admit that not using flannel for the back has really never occurred to me.  i was somewhat tentative at first and came up with a whole bunch of reasons why not to do it:  it wasn’t my norm, the pattern would appear choppy due to the edges being folded under, it wouldn’t be as soft, etc.  but i wanted the sale.  so i told her i could do it but made sure she knew that the way i sew the blankets it wouldn’t look like a solid backing but would have gaps from where the edges folded in to give the rag effect on the front.  she was on board so i started sewing.

i am more than pleasantly pleased with the final results.



she also asked if i could make a pillow cover for a 16″ by 16″ pillow and put a bird applique on it using coordinated fabrics from the blanket.  she even provided me the bird design so i wouldn’t have to hunt around for one.  i mean, come on?  how could i say no to a cute little birdie?  i haven’t been happy with the envelope closure on the last few pillow covers i made so i opted for an invisible zipper with this one.  i have to say that it was much easier than i anticipated.  (and i got it right on take 1!)  please ignore the missing eye in the first photo.  i got a little camera happy before i was done…




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4 thoughts on “new challenge(s)

  1. love it, all of it! your customer is going to be so happy.

    how did you do the applique? i am getting ready to do a fun applique project myself! did you cut out the fabric before or after attaching it to the interfacing?

    • sedwards515 on said:

      After. I recommend ironing on the interfacing first and then tracing the pattern on the back (on the paper of the interfacing – don’t remove the paper until you cut it out). Also be sure you have it facing the right way! I did the wing backwards by accident and had the scallops facing up first. Whoops! Then cut it out, peel the paper off, and iron onto the main fabric. Good luck!

  2. awesome! really love this one. i was at hancock fabrics the other day and they had the square rulers on sale and i was wondering how the blankets would look with a bigger square so i love that now you have a post about it! i was even thinking about making a big couch version for myself. haha. i also love how the back looks. it doesn’t look choppy at all. I’m still considering doing a rag quilt with a minky back, but keep hesitating. maybe i will just give it a go.

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thanks! the back was tricky because i wanted it all lined up just so. i lucked out in that 5 of the larger squares fit perfectly across my fabric. note: i did not prewash to ensure this would work out! but then i had to keep the back all lined up so that it was essentially one piece of fabric, but cut into squares…

      go for it on the large couch blanket! over the summer i made one for a full size bed (8 by 10 maybe?) out of the larger squares for my cousin’s wedding present. i really liked it. but it was BIG . so be prepared. lol!

      this customer asked about minky too for the back but i turned that one down. i got too nervous with the way it stretches and moves differently in the machine than the cottons do. i was thinking that if i did, i would use a walking foot. do you have one of those?

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