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just a few good friends, sharing adventures in family, arts, and sometimes heavy machinery

done. whew.

9 totally and completely unique and different pinafores.  this was so fun!  as i finished each one i kept getting a new favorite.  but don’t ask me to choose.  i can’t.

i had my girls try some on today for a little photo op.  needless to say c and s weren’t as into the photo op as they were into mickey mouse clubhouse on the television.  e on the other hand gave a full performance of goofy’s dance for me.  thus resulting in really funny blurry photos.  thanks girls.  momma loves you.

p.s.  you can get one here.


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2 thoughts on “done. whew.

  1. wow, you have real sewing endurance! I can barely make 3 bibs without needing to get up and do something else. I love e! She’s going to be such a fun teen 😛

  2. they came out great!

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