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evolution of a craft room

when we bought the house the sunroom was a series of sliding glass doors.  it was a step down off of the kitchen and although it was open to the kitchen via a door with no door in it and a window with no window in it, it had no heat.  brrrrr…

immediately after we closed we began destruction and construction.  the floor was raised, the wall between the sunroom and kitchen was removed, a beam went up, the sliding doors came down, 2 large windows and 2 sets of french doors went in.

and it got a good dose of marshmallow spray (er…insulation).

some awesome plasterers worked their tails off to have the room drywalled and plastered.  on new year’s eve.  cheers.

all that work was so we could actually move in (and move out of my in laws apartment…).  the first of our furniture in our house!

after a series of trial and errors we settled on a soft green for the walls.  benjamin moore dried parsley is the official color.

and the room takes (some) shape.  i would call this sunroom version 1.

the introduction of the sewing machine into the space marks sunroom version 2 and officially denotes the sunroom as the craft room.

lack of storage posed some serious problems with my sewing supplies.  a quick trip to ikea to purchase these cabinets solved that.  rearrange the furniture some and you have sunroom version 3.

and just like that the cabinets are down and ledges are up.  sunroom version 4.

ledges remain but the chair is gone.  you may also note the salvaged door that was painted white and given legs to function as my new desk.  sunroom version 5.

all of that to bring us to sunroom version 6.  the current layout.




the desk has found a permanent home under the window.  the ledges are still (begrudgingly) there for now but are not final.  i am on the hunt for a large (huge) mid-century piece that will take up most of that wall and provide ample storage for both craft items as well as home office items.  the tv wall is just a placeholder as well.  the grand plan for that is to have an elfa media system on the lower half of the wall and mount the tv on the wall.  the 2 chairs are good (west elm slipper chairs) and will stay but i am looking for a vintage settee or sofette to upholster to compliment them.  the cowhide rug is from ikea.

that top shelf looks lame bare.  i spent all weekend cleaning it off since it is too high for me to reach anyway.  but something needs to go up there…  maybe art?  pictures?  this is where you are supposed to say, “no sarah!  don’t put anything up there because you will find the large mid-century piece for that wall.  you will!  you will!’

k.  thanks.


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2 thoughts on “evolution of a craft room

  1. looks great and if you are anything like me, you will keep modifying it. i always reorg and drive myself crazy 🙂

    • sedwards515 on said:

      we reorg so much it really isn’t funny. this room, our master bedroom, and the family room have had so many furniture moves and shifting. we have issues. er…i have issues. but i think this room is finally good. just needs some of the final pieces. the main part is that i can see the final vision in my head. that took a while!

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