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Toddler Top

I’ve had this top pinned on pinterest for awhile now and finally made it with some scrap fabrics. Now I want to make a bunch more. It was easy and so cute on her. I need to get more fun snaps though to pizazz it up 🙂

I followed this tutorial from prudent baby, but decided to do the collar and trim in a separate print. Um, her nursery print. haha.



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3 thoughts on “Toddler Top

  1. oh and i really need to bite the bullet and do bias tape. i am for some reason scared and for the arms, just serged it.

  2. sedwards515 on said:

    it is darling! i love the red with that print. super cute!

    and yes…use bias tape! it is so fun and versatile. you can do it!

  3. great job jaybee!!!! little j looks sooooo adorable in this top! you sure do know how to make a cute kid! 🙂 when i started reading and you mentioned scraps i was prepared for a quilt-type garment, but you have some big scraps! haha maybe you should make a few more and have se post them on her etsy shop?! love the creativity you guys have!

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