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Tempting New Fabric

When I was ordering the final fabric for my SILs baby present, I threw these 2 in from the Heather Bailey Freshcut line for Jordan. I can’t wait to make something fun. What should I make…what should I make? 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Tempting New Fabric

  1. sedwards515 on said:

    i can picture you tapping your fingers together in contemplation…

    a skirt? a dress? a top? my only request is that you use bias tape! 🙂

    love the fabric!

  2. are you settled on making clothing? how much fabric do you have?

  3. s – oh boy, can i come to mass to get a lesson in bias tape? i don’t even know where to start?

    j – i kind of am settled on clothing unless you have a suggestion that is different? she doesn’t need blankets, dolls or anything like that, so really, all I can think of is clothes. i have 1 yd of each fabric. i was so proud of my self for just buying those 2. i had like 7 fabrics in the shopping cart at first. haha

  4. I think a tunic top would be cute … I’ve used this pattern many-a-times, looks great with leggings for spring! I have that fabric too, just waiting to be made into something 🙂

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