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i’m here and i’m back!

i know i have been mia.  and i really am sorry.  i haven’t been doing much…  except growing a baby.

so please join me in #4’s internet debut…ta da!  #4!


needless to say, we are all very excited in this house.  although no one as much as big sis e.  she wakes me up each morning letting me know how happy she is to be a “triple big sister”.  she has also already begun to clear the house of any small objects.  coins, pizza pieces, baby kai lan, and mr. fluffy have all been relocated to a shoe box until baby is big enough.  that’s my e.  very proactive.  baby is due 11/5/2012.

and as if by magic as i entered the 2nd trimester i started to feel like sewing again.  i have 2 projects lined up for this week so stay tuned!

missed you girls.



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One thought on “i’m here and i’m back!

  1. super big congrats to you & your family!!! can’t wait to see what you decide to name the family soccer team!!

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