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babydoll basket

One thing nearly everyone knows about me: I am an unconventional gift-giver.  Odds are I will never be regular about giving gifts to people, even within my own family, and odds are even better that when I do give a gift it will be nowhere near a holiday or birthday.  That said, I am an awesome gift-giver and while there is no predictability to when or where you’ll get one, there’s a pretty good chance you are going to like it.

I hope to continue this trend with my niece’s newest gift: a baby doll basket for her American Girl dolls.  Many thanks to SE for introducing me to this pattern and for the encouragement along the way while I grunted my way through this project!

There is not much of a construction story here.  We had a few days of cold, snow, cold, ice, cold, and wind.  I wasn’t interested in leaving the house.  I logged about 10 hours of work time making this, and really it would’ve been less if I would have done a few things:

1. read the instructions correctly the first time.

2. read the instructions correctly the second time.  (I should note, the instructions are EXTREMELY clear).  Ugh.

3. cut the material correctly the first time (see item #1 & #2 for explanation)

4. for the love of it all…LEARN HOW TO USE BIAS TAPE CORRECTLY.  I do not wish to discuss the inappropriate words that kept coming out of my mouth, or the number of times I managed to get a pin stuck in my hand.

5. hopefully, for the last time…PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOBBIN THREAD AMOUNT.  Such a rookie mistake, but for some reason I keep making it.  And making it.  We’re talking intensely concentrating on technical sewing for over 25 minutes before realizing the bobbin has long ago run out of thread.

If you keep up with my blog posts, you probably wonder why I continue to sew.  I guess this is why I end up with my sewing machine in the closet for months at a time.  We have a love-hate relationship.  We are currently leaning dangerously close to the hate side.  But it will all be worth it if she loves this!  (No pressure)

If you’re interested, here are the pattern and fabric links:


Amy Butler Love Paradise Garden Wine

Aunt Polly’s Flannel Small Polka Dots Pink/Purple

Pattern pieces

Pattern pieces

Basket sides

Basket sides

Outer shell complete!

Outer shell complete!



Side view with contrasting colors

Side view with contrasting colors

Reversible bedding

Reversible bedding

2014-02-05 12.57.06


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