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go fish

i’m back!!  whew, the last few weeks have been a little crazy, but my house is empty again so i was able to tear up the dining room with all my sewing gear.  the day wasn’t uneventful though – about 80% of the way through this project i snapped a needle and couldn’t find the bottom half for a while…thought it was inside the machine…until low and behold i found it stitched into the back of my project!  well, happy that it wasn’t in the black hole of my machine.

anywhoo, another month of baby showers for me!  i was getting bored with the standard issue bib & burp so i decided to get a little creative with my first applique.  since this baby’s gender is unknown, i stuck with green, yellow and orange fabric scraps.  yeah, that’s right – scraps.  i bought nothing for this project, whoopie!

i did use the fish pattern from a mccalls pattern i had, but could have created something similar pretty easily.

oh, and check out the labels, copied from se!!!!


diaper trike

yeah, i know, these are really just as popular as diaper cakes, but hey i’ve never made either so back off!  i checked out how to make one of these online but ultimately i just ended up making it based on what it looked like.  at any rate, it was definitely super easy and fun!  here’s how i did it:

supplies – 50 diapers (15 each for back wheels, 20 for front wheel), 2 receiving blankets, 2 pairs of socks, 1 bottle, 2 spools of ribbon, 1 bib, 1 burp cloth, rubber bands, safety pins

make wheels.  i kind of experimented with this step, and ultimately found that if you kind of lay the diapers out in a line and roll them, then strap a rubber band around it you can add a few more diapers easily.  this was the hardest part to take pictures of since i didn’t have a buddy.  😀

use a toilet paper roll to help keep the wheel together

roll and squeeze, repeat. don't get frustrated

wrap a rubber band around the wheel, and remove the toilet paper holder

repeat twice to make 3 wheels. smile, the hardest part is done!

wrap and pin ribbon around the wheels. i used a safety pin to hold it tight

thread the 2nd receiving blanket through the back two wheels

place the bib on top and snap it through the front wheel

you have to hold the bottle in place, while bringing up both ends of the receiving blanket that is threaded through the front wheel.  then just take a rubber band and wrap it around both ends.  i made it real tight so it holds the bottle on securely.  the ends of the blanket will fall back, and i adjusted the socks to look like handlebars.  cute!

back view

add a bow to cover up the rubber bands and DONE!

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