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cutie pies

with so many flavors out there, there is sure to be a pie for everyone, right?  but who wants to make a bunch of full-sized pies and watch them taunt you from the fridge (“we really shouldn’t waste it”…”maybe just one more bite”)…and have you ever had a pie craving so bad that you picked one up at the grocery store, enjoyed your piece and then repeated the above??  yeah, me neither. 😀

this is why i embarked on the cutie pie adventure!  first, of course, there is a cookbook.  and not just any cookbook, but a cute, colorful, miniature-size cookbook with bright illustrations of yumminess.  (i’m sure this is a word).

tonight i tried out two of the recipes, in hopes that they were awesome and i could make them next weekend when i head off to a dinner party with work people.  i mean, let’s be honest, nobody wants to walk in the door with a plate of brownies from a box…come on!

first, let me explain that this cookbook has multiple options for pie sizes – pie jars (using wide, stout mason jars), cutie pies (using a muffin pan), petite-5’s (using a mini muffin pan), foldovers (think the old mcdonalds apple pies), and pie pops (small circular pies on a stick, who knew!)

i will admit i took the easy route and bought premade pie crusts to save time.  however, i was also able to make 18 cutie pies (6 apple, 12 smores), in under 2 hours!  both pies were yum-mm-mmy, although i think the smores pies will not sell themselves…they look a little icky.

apple cutie pie

lessons learned: piecing the pie crust together doesn’t hold as well as using a single layer of crust.  the smores pies cooked up in the oven (due to the marshmallows), but once cooled shrunk down to nearly half their size.  next time, overstuff!!

smores cutie pie


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