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speaking of owls…

i mentioned in my comment on the last post my recent obsession with owls. sarah – thanks for introducing me to pinterest. now my obsession is for all to see and i think i’m rubbing off on people. anyway, i came across this adorable dress that i thought would be cute for her party. it looks so easy to make. do you ladies think i should just try and make it myself? what is the etiquette there? as long as i don’t sell it i can copy other peoples cute ideas? given all the other projects i’d “like” to do, i should probably just buy it. haha.




i guess you could say i have this thing for owls.  i am totally a sucker for anything that has an owl on it, so i decided i needed to try making one to go with the recent ‘welcome to the world’ gift i’m making for my soon-to-be nephew.

i made this little guy in about 3 hours, but really you could make it faster if you weren’t

watching glee and getting pestered by puppies.  also, it’s made without the use of a machine, yippee!  you’re supposed to stuff it with actual stuffing, but since i had some cloth diapers sitting around i cut half of one up into bits and made my own stuffing.

pattern credit:,5648

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