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scrap buster!

i have an massive amount of scraps that are super long but only 5 – 6 ” in width.  i have been lovingly putting them in my “fabric scraps” bin after every project with no idea of what to do with them.  until now.

and yes i am aware that i did not re-invent any wheel with this project but man-oh-man am i glad i stumbled upon it (er…have a friend email it to me and say:  make these!).

introducing my scrap buster project of the week…the crayon roll!


i used 3 or 4 tutorials as guides (just google crayon roll and grab the first 3 that come up).  it seems that people have differing opinions on the following:

1.  width of the fabric.  some say 6″ some say 5″.  all of my fabrics were 5″ wide.

2.  length of the fabric.  some say 16.5, some say 13, some say 18.  all of mine were 17″ to account for 16 1″ crayon slots, a 1/4″ seam on one end and 1/2″ seam on the other (so i had enough fabric to fold under to top stitch close), and room for the topstitching to not interfere with the width of the first and last crayon slot.

3.  interfacing vs a separate piece of fabric for between the front fabric and the lining fabric.  many tutorials had you apply interfacing to the back of the lining fabric.  i didn’t want to “waste” interfacing when i had so much extra flannel scraps.  so i used a piece of flannel fabric instead.

4.  button vs. ribbon tie.  i think the ponytail holder and button is best for a child to be able to open and close it him/herself.  however, i didn’t have extra ponytail holders or buttons so i opted for ties.


i really think these are great gift options for kids ages 2 and up.  and you can make them as long or short as you want based on the length of fabric you have on hand.



this will be a hard one to send off…

i stuffed the owl today and it was love at first sight for all of my girls.  looks like i will be making 3 more soon…



speaking of owls…

i mentioned in my comment on the last post my recent obsession with owls. sarah – thanks for introducing me to pinterest. now my obsession is for all to see and i think i’m rubbing off on people. anyway, i came across this adorable dress that i thought would be cute for her party. it looks so easy to make. do you ladies think i should just try and make it myself? what is the etiquette there? as long as i don’t sell it i can copy other peoples cute ideas? given all the other projects i’d “like” to do, i should probably just buy it. haha.


shhhh…i’m sleeping.

today’s number was this owl pillow.  (well…it will be a pillow once i find some stuffing for it.)  one of the things my friend requested was a pillow for the glider in her nursery.  and i just didn’t want to do an ordinary pillow.  so i sewed up this little gal.  but shhhh…she is sleeping.  like all babies do…right?

i didn’t use a pattern and probably should have because i think she is a tad small to be “the” pillow on the glider in the room.  so i might be making another larger one for her to lean against.  but i don’t have any large pieces of fabric left…so it would have to be patchwork…hmmmm…

thoughts?  she measures 14″ wide by 10″ tall when completely flat.


i guess you could say i have this thing for owls.  i am totally a sucker for anything that has an owl on it, so i decided i needed to try making one to go with the recent ‘welcome to the world’ gift i’m making for my soon-to-be nephew.

i made this little guy in about 3 hours, but really you could make it faster if you weren’t

watching glee and getting pestered by puppies.  also, it’s made without the use of a machine, yippee!  you’re supposed to stuff it with actual stuffing, but since i had some cloth diapers sitting around i cut half of one up into bits and made my own stuffing.

pattern credit:,5648

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