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…is where i plan to be exactly 24 days from now, and i couldn’t be more excited!  anybody want me to pick up anything??

oh, wait, let me back up…

23 days from now i will depart this wonderful country aboard a 14-hour flight to the land of the rising sun.  yup, japan!  turns out spouses really can go on deployment every now and then, and i’m meeting the hubster in tokyo.  whoo hoo!

…so back to nippori…i’ve had my plane ticket for a month and change and wouldn’t you know the only thing i’ve researched as far as tourist things are concerned is where to buy fabric.  ha!  nippori is the fabric district of tokyo.  yeah, you read that right.  a whole section of town dedicated to fabric, notions, thread, buttons…oh my.  check out this site describing a store called tomato.  it’s almost too exciting to think about.

it’s a good thing i have status on delta because i’m definitely checking multiple bags on my way home 🙂



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