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dressy hooters

I finally did it! I made a dress! And guess what…it actually looks like a dress!

I used the free PDF pattern called Wee Wanderer¬†from Sarah Jane studios. I probably should’ve started with something simple like a pillowcase dress or jumper first, but I really wanted to enhance my skills, figure out how to use my serger, and try to remember how to install a zipper. Happy to report I managed to do all of the above (with quite a few setbacks along the way of course).

My major lessons learned:

– Having a serger rocks. Even for someone who just uses it occasionally to craft, it just makes lots of things so much easier.

– I need a cheat sheet for machine feet. Between the serger and the sewing machine, I think I used 4 different feet (and could’ve used the gathering foot for the ruffle as a 5th, but I chose to go old-school to save time). Everytime I switched feet I had to take a timeout to read the manual, adjust some threading, and in some cases, look at YouTube. It was pretty time consuming.

– Having a good, well-written pattern is worth a fee. This pattern was free and it was the authors first pattern, so there were a few kinks to get through. I’m sure for someone who has made things like this before it would’ve been fine but I needed the specifics and I got hung up more than once. Thankfully YouTube has videos for everything, and I figured out how to do the zipper in my sleep last night (no joke). Ha!

I did get better at a few things: I never ran out of bobbin thread, my fabric cutting was done correctly the first time, and I didn’t need to rip as many seams as you’d probably expect. Score! I’m definitely planning on making this dress again, now that I know how to do it.

2014-03-10 14.28.11

The heartbreaking error…

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