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murphy’s law

no matter what project, big or small.  no matter when i refilled my bobbin thread, recently or a week ago.  i always, always, always run out of bobbin thread on my last seam on a given project.  always.

and tonight was no exception.  so i refilled it, finished the seam, and completed the crib skirt!

here are 2 photos with each side of the (unfinished) bumper.


i followed the tutorial pretty much to a tee.  the only thing i didn’t do was serge my edges.  i just did the double fold over.  the pleats were tricky but once i did one, the others were a snap.

here are some photos of the skirt as i was completing it.  let me know if you have any questions!


*** UPDATE ***

after putting this on one of my cribs as best i could i realized that the tutorial is off on the size it has you cut the deck of the skirt.  it says to cut a piece of fabric 28″ by 51″.  issue is that you want your finished product to be 28″ by 52″.  i recommend cutting the deck piece of fabric 29″ by 53″ (assuming you are using a 1/2″ seam allowance).  i was able to make mine larger by cutting it in half and adding in 1″ of deck fabric material and then re-doing the pleats on the long sections.  i didn’t do the short sides since i was just a 1/2″ shy.  let’s just say i am very happy i did the initial version with pleats!


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3 thoughts on “murphy’s law

  1. we should start a club, i know exactly what you mean – i’m always on my last little piece when i run out of bobbin thread (and my current project, i ran out of thread on the spool which has never happened to me before). of course i always think there is enough bobbin thread for “just one more”, and inevitably i run out, the stitches fall out and i have to rip out the rest and start over. dang it!
    this is looking really good! i can’t wait to do a big project like that, so i’m inspired to wrap up the one i’m working on this weekend. your skirt looks great; do the recipients (sorry, i can’t remember how they are related) know what fabrics you’re using? are you going to post the items on etsy and mark them as sold so you have more projects to show what you’re capable of?? maybe you’ll start a custom nursery fabric listing! very proud of you, keep ’em coming!

    • sedwards515 on said:

      thanks! the set is for b’s cousin. they are having their second baby in late august. she knows the collection that i am using but she doesn’t know the specific fabrics that i picked. she wanted something girly, but not just pink on pink on pink. her furniture is a dark brown. i think it should all look really good together! actually…you may have met her at our wedding! although that was a long time ago. 5 years in two weeks!

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